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Managing User Behaviour on Social Media

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Crowd going away

9 External Factors that Could Ruin your Social Media Promotion

The latest videoclip from Miley Cyrus, the Season Finale of Lost, and a Social Media promotion with a big prize that only delivers a low number of entries; have all something in common: they will leave you with a WTF face for weeks. Recently I wrote an article explaining how complex promotions usually have lower engagement, and suggested a few ways to compensate for this. … [Read More...]


Most Popular Promotions on Social Media

The 4 Most Popular Types of Promotion on Social Media

Promotions on Social Media are a great way to generate leads, gain new followers and obtain insights. But if you don’t chose the right promotion for each … [Read More...]


Visual Content on Twitter

5 Visual Ways to Increase your Engagement on Twitter

There’s only something more boring than watching a new season of Big Brother, and it’s browsing Twitter news feed when all tweets are just text updates. If you … [Read More...]


Content Loyalty Program on Social Media

How To Create a Content Loyalty Program on Social Media

Do you feel frustrated that your followers not always read all your content? Do you want to increase your Reach and Engagement? A content loyalty program could be the solution to your problems. I’ve always been fascinated about the rationale behind … [Read More...]

Errors Using Facebook Audience Insights

9 Common Errors Using Facebook Audience Insights

Do you believe analytics are paramount to make your online business grow? Do you have a Facebook Page and are familiar with Facebook Insights? Facebook Audience Insights (different from Facebook Insights) is a fantastic tool that allows you to obtain a … [Read More...]


Antavo Review: Facebook Promotions around User Behaviour

There are many platforms in the market to create Facebook promotions. Some are good and some are not; some are easy to use and some are more complex; some are affordable and some are expensive... Most of them have been built as a tool to help Page managers … [Read More...]