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Managing User Behaviour on Social Media

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7 Tips to Increase Engagement with Hashtags

Let's be honest: how many times hashtags have really helped you achieving some good results? Hashtags are common practice nowadays; we all know what they are, how … [Read More...]


Facebook Ads with Jon Loomer

A Chat With the Masters: Facebook Ads with Jon Loomer

Using Facebook ads to promote a business is not a secret anymore. Long gone are the days when Internet advertising was something accesible only to big organisations … [Read More...]


Social media images not engaging

7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Images Are Not Engaging

Do you feel frustrated when you spend hours working on your content, only to find out that nobody seems to engage with it? Visual content is a good way to get users attention, however it’s not enough. Your social media images must provide some value to make … [Read More...]

Promotions on Social Media

A Chat With the Masters: Promotions on Social Media with Jim Belosic

Promotions on social media have become part of our daily Internet activities. They are incredibly popular on Facebook, however they are increasing in other social media networks as well. In fact, effective promotions could be the point of difference that … [Read More...]

Social Media Ads Busted

6 Social Media Ads Myths Busted

Have you considered advertising on Social Media, but are still hesitant? Perhaps you have already some experience but are not sure if it’s the best way to promote your business… I don’t blame you: there are a lot of negative comments going around … [Read More...]

Using Twitter Analytics

How to Use Twitter Analytics

Are you using Twitter analytics to monitor your online activity and improve your business results? Twitter analytics includes a robust dashboard that allows you finding information for all your organic and paid Twitter activity; provides insights about the … [Read More...]

Linkedin Strategy with Melonie Dodaro

A Chat with the Masters: Linkedin Strategy with Melonie Dodaro

Linkedin is the best Social Media network for professional development and business networking. Unfortunately most people still use it only as an online résumé or a sales tool. They don't consider that most of all, Linkedin is a Social Media network; and … [Read More...]