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Managing User Behaviour on Social Media

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Using Twitter Analytics

How to Use Twitter Analytics

Are you using Twitter analytics to monitor your online activity and improve your business results? Twitter analytics includes a robust dashboard that allows you finding information for all your organic and paid Twitter activity; provides insights about the performance of your Twitter Cards; and gives you a deep analysis of your followers and influencers. Keep in mind that … [Read More...]


Linkedin Strategy with Melonie Dodaro

A Chat with the Masters: Linkedin Strategy with Melonie Dodaro

Linkedin is the best Social Media network for professional development and business networking. Unfortunately most people still use it only as an online résumé or … [Read More...]


Reasons to use Twitter Ads

8 Reasons to use Twitter Ads on your Social Media Marketing

Have you already tried Twitter Ads for your Social Media activities? If that's the case, I'm sure you are already a fan of the platform. If you haven't.... I … [Read More...]



A Chat with the Masters: Social Media Promotions with Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Social Media promotions are a key part of any Social Media strategy. They can help you increase sales, generate leads and boost brand awareness. However, maximising the number of participants in Social Media promotions requires usually the support of an … [Read More...]


AgoraPulse Review: Social Media Management in a Single Tool

There are hundreds of web-based apps in the market to help you with your Social Media needs. Most of them focus on a single main function. Hootsuite has been designed around publishing content and moderation, Antavo and Shortstack are for building apps and … [Read More...]


4 Rules for Effective Twitter Retargeting

Have you considered using Twitter retargeting in for your online advertising campaigns but are not sure what is the best approach? Retargeting is one of the most effective advertising techniques, since your ads are shown to users who have already expressed … [Read More...]


A Chat With the Masters: Organising Social Media with Christian Karasiewicz

Have you ever wondered where should you be focusing your Social Media marketing activities? There are so many platforms to choose from, and each of them has its unique features. Not to mention there are so many activities to consider: advertising, … [Read More...]


5 Tips to Sell Successfully With a Facebook Store

By Connie Mei You might not have realized it but Facebook isn’t just a place for people to connect with others through social media. It’s also a platform that more and more businesses are using to connect consumers with products. According to … [Read More...]