10 Ideas to Promote Your Brand on Vine

vine movieBy now most people active online have heard about Vine, the Social Media platform that allows to create micro-videos of up to 6 seconds and share them with your followers. The concept is very simple and similar to the approach created by Twitter some years ago. Tell your story, but be brief.

It is the online application of the “elevator pitch”, where someone asks you at an elevator “what do you do for work?” – or “what does your company do?”. You have a very limited amount of time to explain it before the elevator arrives to the destination floor, most times just some seconds.

The idea of Vine is pretty much the same. In simple terms, it could be described as:


In fact Vine was purchased by Twitter in October 2012, only four months after it was created. It makes a lot of sense since Vine used the same micro-posting concept.

But soon after detractors started to show everywhere, criticising the limitations of the new tool and forecasting a quick fail. Most of them had not even tried the app yet!

Some of the comments – apart of the limited video length – were that Vine was aimed only for personal users, but would not be useful for companies.

Well, as a matter of fact, there are already famous brands out there using this tool with great results. The only requirements are: some creativity and a bit of thinking outside the box.

There are many ideas you could do to use the power of Vine to promote your business online. Here are some.

1) Show some product features

Images are good, but since they are bi-dimensional they lack a sense of reality. A short video will give a much better idea, as the one used by Mercedes Benz to promote their E-Class


2) Create a story

Make a series of videos where one of your products – or your brand – is the main element. To create further engagement, ask viewers how they would like the story to continue. If the story is interesting and you post on a regular basis, people will bee keen to see your new “episode” and will comment it online, thus increasing your reach and engagement.

3) Show a brief summary of an upcoming event

This will get registered participants excited about what they are going to experience soon, whilst it will also bring some new ones that are curious to see the complete version of what you are showing on your video. Social Media expert Charlene Kingston has recently used this technique very wisely to promote one of her webinars:

4) Show your product range

Not necessarily all of it – remember you only have 6 seconds – but at least those products you want to promote. Try to include some human touch, as Red Bull does on this example

5) Show your company human side

This will develop affinity among the viewers, who will perceive you as real and with emotions similar to the ones they have. Show your customer Service department, how people work, etc… This video from Wimbledon Tennis Club is a good example.

6) Use Twitter features on your posts

Vine could be used by itself, but works much better when linked with Twitter. Doing a correct use of the hashtags (#) and tagging users with the @ symbol will make your video easier to find.

7) Run video inspired promotions through Twitter

Ask users to find a hidden object or element in the video in return to an entry for a sweepstake or promotion. This will push them to watch it paying special attention and more than once to find the answer thus, creating exposure.

Alternatively, you could also run video competitions where your audience posts a video (tagging your brand, of course) and where the winner is the one receiving most likes.

Of course, remember to focus on a quality audience that are (or could be) genuinely interested in your brand. Twitter is not Facebook, but a bad audience is useless regardless of the Social Media network you are using.

8) Include your logo in your video

What is the whole purpose of Marketing if you forget to promote your own brand? Your logo and colours should be present in your video in some way. And remember Vine videos play on loop, so you only need to place your logo once. See this example from Call of Duty

9) Make micro-speeches

You could make an announcement with a banner or simply a status update or tweet; however videos give a better sense of reality that increases the message credibility. Use it to announce the winner of a competition, send holiday greetings to your audience, etc… In this example, Corona Tools uses the charismatic influence of Facebook Queen Mari Smith to send a quick message and create brand awareness (I did not know Corona Tools until I saw this video)

10) Unveil the hidden side of your business

Show what people usually cannot see: your own office, your meeting room, your production line… People many times wonder how the world looks from your end: make them part of it! In this example Nissan shows how they prepare their cars for a V8 Supercar Race without all the fancy animation, transition or background music that professional videos have: the amateur touch makes it look as if the user was really there.

Are you using Vine already? What of these – or other – techniques do you use when creating a video?

  • http://www.theq411.com Jennifer Quinn

    Excellent ideas! I can’t think of a business, product or service who couldn’t use vine to promote their brand!

  • http://antoniocalero.com/ Antonio Calero

    Thank you Jennifer. The possibilities are endless indeed, all what’s required is some imagination and good Marketing practice.

  • http://www.olindaservices.com/ Lisa Olinda

    I have not checked out Vine. Will have to put it on my to do list! I first heard about it at the SMMW13.

  • Lystra John

    thank you very informative. will implement vine into my business at leap4stars.com

  • http://antoniocalero.com/ Antonio Calero

    It is really easy to use as there are not many options or configuration settings. Why not starting with a video introducing yourself and your business? Give me a shout when you’ve done it, I’m looking forward to see the final result. Good luck!

  • http://antoniocalero.com/ Antonio Calero

    Lystra, being an image consultant the possibilities that Vine offers are endless. Imagine short videos showing what in your opinion is great image tips… just saying 😉

  • http://www.olindaservices.com/ Lisa Olinda

    Really short and sweet. I posted my first one :)