Conversion Booster for Facebook

Using behavioral social media strategies to increase sales, generate leads and maximise your ROI

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This is all what you will learn in this course


ProfilingMaybe you have lots of followers and even engagement and reach rates higher than the average, but that doesn’t mean you are producing conversions. If your Facebook followers are not the same type of users as the ones converting to your goals, then quite probably your marketing efforts on Facebook are wasted. That’s called ‘audience misalignment’.In this module you will learn how to identify the profile of your ideal users (that is: the ones more likely to convert to your goals) and  close existing gaps with your current audience.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to use Google Analytics to identify your most converting users.
  • Using Facebook Audience Insights to estimate the behavior of those users.
  • Using Facebook Graph Search to identify their interests.
  • Gathering additional information from the Ads Reports and Page Insights.
  • Creating user profile cards to plan your content strategy.
  • What types of messages, images, and post types work best with your ideal audience.
  • Using third party tools to identify engaged users.



people-liningOnce you know who your best converting users are, it’s time to look for more of them. Growing your Facebook fan base with high quality followers that may become potential clients is a critical step.

Implementing a lead generation strategy will help you keep growing your conversions on auto-pilot, while you focus on your other important social media marketing activities.

Some of the outcomes of this module are:

  • Using Facebook ads to reach a hyper-targeted audience of potential clients.
  • Creating promotions as a way to gather user information.
  • Driving traffic from other channels into Facebook
  • Designing a lead generation funnel to identify highly interested users.
  • Using third party tools to identify engaged users.


artist-paintingHaving a large audience of potential clients is not enough: after all we are on social media and users expect to get more from you than just some promotional message. In fact, it doesn’t matter how good your audience is: if they don’t find your content interesting, over time they will also lose interest in your brand.

Thus, creating good quality content that relates to your ideal clients is paramount. In this module you will learn how to find and create  content that goes viral, so your reach gets maximised. After all, more reach means more potential clients!

Some learnings from this module include:

  • Content curation: finding the topics your ideal customers like.
  • Creating great images without being a graphic designer.
  • How to create engaging videos with only the help of your smartphone. Video best practices.
  • Creating highly engaging links: choosing the right images, headlines, text and CTA
  • Identify your best days and time for publishing based on reach, engagement and other metrics.
  • Classifying your content based on topics for better analysis.



By now you will know who your ideal clients are, how to grow your fan base with interested followers, and how to create content that resonates with them. You have all the elements required to start generating conversions!

This module is designed to help you creating campaigns that will produce high CTR and conversion rates, thus reducing conversion costs and maximising ROI.

You will learn the following concepts.

  • Differentiating conversions, based on their perceived value and action required from users.
  • Process optimisation: minimum and maximum amount of steps required based on your unique audience.
  • Designing an effective conversion funnel.
  • Integrating multi-step ads in your conversion funnel to refine your target audience.
  • Effective retargeting that creates a ‘Wow’ effect: closing incomplete sales, engagement based retargeting, advanced techniques.
  • The pros and cons of targeting your posts to only specific segments of your audience.
  • A/B testing best practices



Customer-Loyalty-ProgramWhile growing your audience with quality followers will certainly increase your conversions, quite probably your conversion growth will be proportional to the amount of new fans you have.

However, generating repetitive behaviour (that is: making the same user convert multiple times) will grow your results exponentially. And the way of achieving this is by implementing loyalty and referral programs on your social media marketing.

In this module, you will learn to implement the following programs to suit all of the different types of conversions:

  • Boost your engagement and organic reach with a content loyalty program.
  • Rewarding engagement on single posts as a way to increase reach.
  • Using Facebook ads to create a reward funnel: identifying highly converting  clients.
  • Multi-channel loyalty programs: pushing your conversion beyond Facebook.
  • Referral programs: turning your clients into your best sales force.